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Join Havn today and give your business a boost.

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    More footfall,
    less expenses

    Up to 65% profit on orders
    MoreFootfall Up to 65% profit on orders

    Gen Z & Millennials crave convenience! Havn offers both members and partners the ease of seamless ordering, paying and collection services.

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    Access new

    Up to 92% of orders come from new customers
    AccessNewCustomers Up to 92% of orders come from new customers

    Being featured on our app comes with support from our expert marketing team. We can drive new business you never knew was possible.

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    Increase brand

    86% more exposure of your brand at little to zero cost.
    IncreasBrandAwareness 86% more exposure of your brand at little to zero cost.

    We help get your brand in front of millions of new customers through our aggressive marketing campaigns, because when you win, we win.

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    Boost footfall, sales & loyalty

    Boost footfall, sales & loyalty

    Data is more valuable than oil

    Data is more valuable than oil

    Eliminate unnecessary & costly expenses

    Eliminate unnecessary & costly expenses

    Reduce marketing & promotional costs

    Reduce marketing & promotional costs

    How Havn works:

    Fire up your sales in a few easy steps

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    Register on the website and we’ll be in touch to get your business onboard

    Upload Menu/Offers

    Upload Menu/Offers

    Once approved, you can upload the food or drinks that you wish to offer to Havn members

    Direct Debit Payments

    Direct Debit Payments

    Payments to partners can be set to direct debit to save you the hassle

    Become a Havn partner today.

    Grow your business in multiple ways



    Offer our thirsty members a FREE drink to drive them to your venue



    Serve an exclusive meal or offer up the house menu to our hungry members



    Create exciting experiences for our adventurous members


    Fight Food Waste

    Boost your margins by offering our wholesome members your surplus food for a lower price

    How Havn is different


    We care about the planet

    Havn fights food waste. Our members rescue unsold food items that otherwise might have ended up in the bin


    We care about the less fortunate

    Havn members can donate a meal to our partner charity to help feed the homeless


    We care about our members

    We encourage our members to go on short walks and explore new venues to collect their meals instead of using delivery apps


    Become a Partner Today!

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Find the answer to your questions and join the best Lifestyle app in the world! Read all FAQs
    There are no fees, no new equipment and no software installation to get your business on Havn. We only collect a service fee based on what you sell to our members on the Havn app. This fee is calculated as a percentage of your sales on the Havn app for the meals and drinks you...
    Unlike other food/drink apps and delivery apps, we do not charge any fees to businesses for joining nor any monthly subscription. We have paying members who search for restaurants/cafes/ bars near to their location to claim their meal or drink. We do all the marketing for you to send you customers, freeing up your staff...
    We succeed when you do – so we invest in bringing your venue exposure to our members. Once you launch with us, you can expect to be included in every promotion and marketing campaign to Havn members, regardless of the online channels we use. As a venue partner you will be empowered, through the Havn...
    Depending on how many locations you have, it’s possible to become a Havn partner in a day! You can begin the process by signing up on www.havn. app. We’re excited to hear from you!
    Read all FAQs